What to do if your JioPhone is stolen or lost?

From the moment JioPhone has announced, there are a lot of questions in everyone’s mind about its features, recharge amount, warranty period, etc. Recently JIO has dedicated website www.jiophone.com which answers most of FAQs revolving around JioPhone .

lost JioPhone

However, there are some unanswered questions regarding the lost of the phone, mobile theft, accidental damage, etc. Some users were keen to know what would happen if they lose their JioPhone or someone stole their JioPhone.

What to do if your JioPhone is stolen or lost?

The very first thing you have to do when you realize that you have lost the JioPhone is to contact jio Customer care, from other phone and inform them about the lost of JioPhone and ask them to block the SIM immediately.

What will happen to your lost JioPhone?

We contacted the JIO customer care and asked them about this situation, and they said they have no information as of now on what can be done in case you lost your JioPhone . JIO customer care also said the only thing they can do is to block your SIM card for unauthorized use. So as of now, there is no information on about lost JioPhone and if the user has to pay charges towards the lost phone.

Will someone able to use my lost JioPhone with their own JIO SIM?

Yes, even though you have reported the lost of the phone to JIO customer care they will be not able to block the IMEI of the handset, and it can be used with different JIO SIM.

How much do I have to pay if I lost JioPhone ?

There are certain charges you have to pay if you wanted to return your JioPhone early to JIO which are mentioned on the official website. However, there is no information about how much charges the customer has to pay if he/she lost the JioPhone. However, the customer can retain the old number after obtaining new SIM.

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