Uber hikes Fare for Uber Go & Uber Premier by 50 Paise Per Km

Uber yesterday announced hike of 50 paise per Km for its Uber Go and Uber Premier cab driver partners in Delhi.


After the rise in prices of petrol and diesel due to fallen rupee and international crude oil prices, CNG price also gone up in the metro cities by almost 2-3 rupees per Kg. The cost per Km to run the cab has drastically  increased for cab drivers in recent time.  To compensate the cab drivers for increased fuel prices, Uber has increased its fare for its Uber Go and Uber Premier by 50 paise per Km. The new fare hike is applicable from 9 October 2.30 PM for all Uber driver partners driving under Uber Go and Uber Premier category in Delhi. The resulting fare after revision for Premier cabs will be Rs.9.50 per Km, while Uber Go fare will be Rs.7.50 per Km.

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