Revolt Motors Stopped Deliveries of RV 400 and RV300 E-Bike

The news in the town is Revolt Motors the Ebike manufacturer in India, has stopped the deliveries of its Ebike RV400 and RV300 to the customers.

As per latest reports coming from the customers who have pre ordered the bike late in Nov-Dec 2020, Revolt has indeifinately delaying the delivery of the bike without any intimation to the customer.

Accoriding to some sources the production of Revolt RV 400 and RV300 is affected due to coving-19, parts availibility and sourcing from China, Some Youtubers suggesting the production of the Ebike is currently stopped due to these reasons. However company has not confirmed or denied the news.

The customers fustrated over the delayed delivery of the bike vent their rage online on Revolt Motors twitter handle. The delears of Revolt bike has also stopped answering calls from the customer and when they receive the call they have no answer about when the delivery of the bike will start, neither they know why the deliveries are delayed. (Compay has requested them to keep quite about this).

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