Reliance GSM Completely Shut down Customer Care Helpline: UPC Code Unavailable

Yes, you heard that right. Reliance has now completely shut down the customer care service of its telecom operations across India after announcing the exit from the 2G/3G business.

Reliance GSM customer care

Reliance last week announced that they will exit the telecom market in a month and will concentrate on 4G technology if it stays profitable. Across the India Reliance GSM prepaid and postpaid customers complaining that they are out of coverage area and not able to send SMS for getting UPC code.

Reliance is already sending UPC code to every customer so they can port out their number to another network. However, many customers are complaining that they have not received UPC code and cannot send the message for porting out because there is no network in their mobile. Reliance earlier said customer will have 30 days of time to exhaust their balance and port out to another network. However, Reliance has already shut down various cell sites in different locations across the country where no. of users are less to cut the operation cost.

So if any customer has not yet received UPC code by Reliance and there is no coverage in their area, they should roam around to some prime area like near Railway station or Hospital etc. where Reliance cell sites are working. If they able to catch the network they will receive UPC code already sent by Reliance or they can send the message to get the UPC code in the following format.

< Port > < space> < mobile number >” to 1900.