How to Link Your Mobile Connection With Aadhaar With toll free IVR 14546 or Online

Finally, the wait is over, now you can reverify or link your mobile number to Aadhaar with simple IVRS OTP based verification.

The customers of Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, JIO, Aircel, Uninor can now link their mobile connection with Aadhaar by just calling toll-free number 14546 from the mobile number which is not yet linked with Aadhaar.

link aadhaar with mobile

How to link your mobile with Aadhaar with toll-free 14546 IVRS method :

  1.  Call toll-free no. 14546 from the mobile which has to be linked with Aadhaar.
  2.  Select the preferred language as per voice instructions.
  3.  Now you will get the option on call to enter the Aadhaar number. The data will be sent to UIDAI for verification.
  4. If Aadhaar number correctly matches then you will receive an OTP which you have to enter immediately while the call is in progress.
  5. After entering the OTP correctly you can disconnect the call. You will soon receive the confirmation SMS on your mobile about the Aadhaar linking status.

link aadhaar with mobile

BSNL has started the online re-verification process for NRI, Sr.Citigens and Physically Challenged Persons on the official website.  Soon all operators will update their official website with a new online Aadhaar verification page, where a user can link or reverify their mobile connection with Aadhaar online.

It has to be noted that 14546 IVR Aadhaar verification process only works, if the Mobile connection of user and Aadhaar registered in the same state.  If Aadhhar belongs to a different state than your mobile number then you have to visit the nearest store of the network provider to verify the Aadhaar with the fingerprint method.

6 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    not working for bsnl… verify before posting

  2. emanual says:

    not working for idea tried many times

  3. Prajnabrata Sen says:

    after dialing 14546 you are asked to input 1 if you are an indian or 2 if you are not. Whatever you input the voice continues to tell you to choose the correct option and finally disconnects after you have exceeded the number of permissible attempts. Is this whole exercise a joke? Just to harass customers and in particular senior citizens?
    TRAI has no role in this i believe? What is the government doing to ensure proper implementation of the IVR system of verification? Are all news just pep talks?

    • veeshaal says:

      Yes this IVR system is not correctly implemented by some Telecom operators. We have checked it with Airtel and Vodafone and it’s working with them without any issue. However, some blog users complaining that it’s not working with BSNL and other operator. I hope they will rectify the system soon.

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