I didn’t recharged my JIO sim and this happened

After using JIO sim for 3 months free of cost, I opted for JIO prime membership by paying Rs.99. However, I decided not to recharge my JIO SIM with any plan or offer after becoming JIO prime member.

JIO sim validity

Why I didn’t recharge my JIO SIM with any plan or offer, that too when JIO providing lucrative offers is another story which I will explain later. So right after I became prime JIO member, I started to receive messages from JIO about their new offering called JIO summer surprise offer which gives 3 months of complimentary services along with the first recharge. Then, suddenly I came to know that JIO stopped the offer following TRAI order. After, a couple of days JIO relaunched the same offer with a different name called as DHAN DHANA DHAN. I was still getting the 1GB data per day and Unlimited calling benefit without subscribing to any plan.

Now JIO started sending me 4 to 5 messages per day saying,

to avoid disruption of your service, recharge your jio number with Rs.309 and get unlimited data & voice calls for 3 months.

I did not heed to their messages and then final warning message arrived,

Data speed is reduced & outgoing calls barred on your JIO no. recharge with 309 and get unlimited data & voice calls for 3 months.

My outgoing and incoming calls are barred now, Not able to send SMS, not able to use any JIO app like JIO music, JIO TV etc. However, the data services are still active with a reduced speed of 128Kbps without any FUP.  I checked my account validity and plan details in my JIO app which says,

You are on a pay-as-you-go plan. Your usage will be charged from monetary balance. Check tariffs for your plan.

Under my plans tab, my plan is mentioned as grace plan which is valid till 24 Oct 2017. I don’t know for how long JIO will keep active my data services with reduced speed. I really don’t care about reduced speed JIO has to offer because even in the offer period I was getting the same speed and not so-called high-speed 4G speed which they brag about. Anyway, I was using it as a backup SIM card for WhatsApp in case my WIFI goes offline.

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