Vodafone Offers 1.2GB Free Data With Spot the Santa Offer


Vodafone today launched festival offer called Vodafone Spot the Santa, Vodafone customers can get up to gives 1.2GB of free data.











To get the free data customer need to update their my Vodafone app and find out gift boxes hidden inside the app. There are 8 Gift boxes are hidden across the screens of the app. Tapping each box in different screens will reveal data gift. After finding and tapping all 8 gift boxes customer is eligible to get 1.2GB 3G/4G data. The data will get credited after 72 hours.

Spot the Santa offer rewards:

Stage 1: Get 100MB free 3G/4G data on spotting one Santa

Stage 2: Get 400MB free 3G/4G data on spotting Four Santa

Stage 3: Get 1.2GB free 3G/4G data on spotting all ESantasanta


The Spot the Santa game is live on the app till 15th January 2017.



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    • admin

      December 28, 2016 6:30 am

      There are different spots for every user, the last gift is not yet visible. You have to keep checking all the screens regularly to find last gift box.


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