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Xtab A10 Plus Android ICS Tablet With IPS screen at Just Rs.7990 Hands On Review

NXG Electronics recently launched Xtab A10 Plus Android ICS tablet successor of Xtab A10 tablet. Xtab A10 Plus comes with one unique feature which is IPS HD display with 1024*600 resolution. Today we have hands on review of Xtab A10 Plus Android ICS tablet.

First take a look what Xtab A10 Plus has :

  • Operating system : Android 4.0.3 ice cream sandwich
  • RAM : 1GB
  •  Internal Storage : 8GB
  • External Storage : 32GB via SD card
  • GPU : MALI 400
  • Screen : 7 inch IPS HD capacitive screen, 1024*600 resolution
  • Ports : Micro 5pin USB/ USB2.0 data transfer/ OTG , Supports microSD card upto 32 GB, 2.5 mm stereo jack, DC 5volt power input, mini HDMI out
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, USB LAN Network adopter, 3G support via external USB modem.
  • Camera : Dual camera Front 0.3MP and rear 2.0MP

Before exploring all aspects of this tablet i must clarify that Xtab A10 plus is very similar to Xtab A10 tablet when it comes to specifications and hardware of tablet. As name suggest latter is upgraded version of Xtab A10 with addition of IPS display and 1GB RAM.

Xtab A10 Plus Unboxing Video :

What Xtab A10 Plus offers compare to other budget Android tablet?

Xtab A10 Plus tablet is priced at just Rs.7,990, when talking about price of this tablet i must say this tablet will offer you most of the features offered by any premium tablet.

What makes Xtab A10 Plus different from any other tablet in same price range?

If you take a look on any budget tablet in the price range of Rs.7500 to Rs.10,000 you will notice they are all offering same features and specifications under different product name. The main unique feature of Xtab A10 Plus is its HD IPS display with resolution of 1024×600 pixel, on top of that it has dual camera 0.3MP on front and 2MP rear. You can hardly find any budget tablet which offers IPS display with 1024×600 resolution and has dual camera.

Processor :

The heart of any Android tablet is its Processor. Xtab A10 Plus is build around Allwinner A10 CPU manufactured by  AllWinner Technology Co. Ltd clocked at 1001.88  MHz or simply 1GHz. We tested capabilities of CPU with Linpack benchmark tablet which scores 15.8. You can safely overclock CPU up to 1.2GHz but this is not recommended moreover you don’t need to overclock it, as tablet works great with 1GHz processor. In case if you overclocked processor you may feel heating problem of tablet and poor battery life.

GPU : 

GPU stands for Graphics processing unit. Xtab A10 Plus has MALI 400  GPU with Open GLES 2.0  support. This GPU is proven and powerful enough to play high graphics games smoothly. We tested graphic capabilities of tablet with Nenamark 1 app, tablet scored 55.1 fps. That simply means tablet is capable of producing more than 55 frames per second which also means you can play high quality games or HD videos without a hitch.


Internal memory and RAM :

Xtab A10 plus comes with 8GB internal storage and expandable up to 32GB via SD card.

The Xtab A10 Plus has 1GB DDR3 RAM but in real 630MB is available which is good enough for multitasking. i tried downloading files in background and same time opened more than 4 tabs in browser without any problem.

Screen : 

As i already mentioned USP of Xtab A10 Plus is HD IPS panel with 1024*600 resolution, 160DPI, refresh rate of 59.89Hz. Unlike Xtab A10 or other budget tablet this tablet has more vibrant color reproduction, stunning display and wide viewing angle thanks to superior HD IPS display. Tablet has 5 point capacitive touch which is very responsive, i do not find any lag  in touch while sliding display or playing games like Temple Run, Fruit Ninja. Brightness of tablet is quite good but there is no option to control or dim brightness by default. However you can install Screen Adjuster app from Google Play then you can dim the brightness of tablet.

Watching 1080P HD videos or streaming HD videos via Youtube is treat to watch, tablet is well capable of playing HD videos with almost all formats.

What is IPS display is all about and what are advantages of this display?

  • IPS panels have quick response times compare to normal display. IPS Panels offer a vivid, clear and sharp picture, stable response time.
  • IPS panels display offers consistent and accurate color from all viewing angles. While other panels may offer true color viewing experience but they are limited with perticular colors and restricted within certain viewing angle.
  • Unlike normal display IPS panels do not lighten or show tailing when touched, which you often experience while touching any normal LCD display.

What are the advantages of 1024×600 resolution display?

1024×600 resolution means its display is just as 7 inch, but actually it has more space or data to show compare to normal 800 x 480 resolution display, that means this tab offer more readable lines of text or picture than the average tablet. In simple words 1024×600  resolution is almost same as normal desktop which usually has 1024×768 resolution. That means what you see on your desktop is possible to see on your tablet without stretching your fingers.

I have captured some screenshots of screen in various situations to show how exactly screen looks like in real-time. All screenshot has a resolution of 1024*600 to view in full screen just click on images. Yo may notice inverted colors but that is because of screenshot app which i was using.

Menu screen:


Browser :


Camera :

The Xtab A10 Plus features dual camera, 0.3MP front and 2MP rear camera. While front camera can be used for video calling, 2MP rear camera can be used to capture anything you like. The picture quality of rear camera is average, i assume you are not buying tab for taking photos.

Sensors and GPS:

The Xtab A10 Plus has MMA  3-Axis accelerometer, i tried some games like Temple run, skyball and Turbofly  to test sensor which worked perfectly, sensitivity of sensors is good.

There is no GPS present in Xtab A10 plus, however you can use Google maps and Places but not able to use GPS.

Picture taken from rear camera :

photo taken with Xtab A10 Plus


Connectivity :

In term of connectivity Xtab A10 Plus has WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Sadly this tablet doesn’t have Bluetooth Connectivity, I was able to connect to internet through Wi-Fi with my mobile Hotspot, without any disconnection or weak signal problem.

There is no in-built SIM slot but tablet supports external 3G USB Dongle 2G/WCDMA/ EVDO. Unlike other tablet which only supports 3G network this tablet also support CDMA EVDO USB dongle like Tata Photon, Reliance Netconnect+ or MTS. You can check a list of supported USB modem from here. I was able to connect Airtel and Tata Docomo 3G USB modem to tablet effortlessly, you do not required to configure any GPRS setting, as soon as you connect modem to tablet it will get connected.

USB LAN Adapter: Xtab A10 Plus also Supports USB LAN network adapter so you can use your existing Broadband LAN connection with this tablet, however you may need to buy USB LAN adaptor separately to use with this tablet. You can buy this USB LAN adapter from here on ebay at just Rs.173.

USB LAN adapter


USB Port :

Xtab A10 Plus has one mini USB port. Mini USB to USB OTG cable is provided with tablet. I tried plugging in 2GB pen drive and it worked out perfectly, you can copy stuff from pen drive to SD card and vice versa.

Mini HDMI Port :

Tablet is equipped with one mini HDMI port. You can connect your tablet to any external LCD/LED display to watch HD videos, surfing or any activities which you prefer to do on big screen. Mini HDMI cable is required to connect tablet to external display.  This cable is available separately which you can buy from NXG website.

Google Play Store and Pre-installed apps :

Google Play store is pre-installed in this tablet and working smoothly. I was able to download and install many apps from Play store without any issue. Xtab A10 Plus comes with some pre-installed apps and games like Play Store, Angry Birds Space, Kingsoft office for word, excel, power-point editor, Adobe Flash 11, PDF reader, Youtube and Skype. I tried Skype for video calling and voice calls and it worked perfectly, high-speed internet is recommended if you are trying to place video call through Skype otherwise video may lag or disturbed. The tablet which NXG sent me was not loaded with Youtube however i installed it and it worked great.

Browser and Flash Support :

The Xtab A10 Plus has Chrome Lite browser as a default browser, which is as good as chrome for desktop. You can change user agent of browser like ipad, Android, Desktop etc. You can also change font size, text scaling etc. There is no problem whatsoever streaming HD Youtube videos, Dailymotion and other flash video sharing sites. I tried playing Zynga Poker game from facebook which is flash game and it worked perfectly. I tried browsing almost every type of site right from full Flash to HTML5 and WAP site, there is no issue or any bug i found while browsing.

This tablet has full flash support as Adobe Flash Player version 11.1 comes pre-installed with it. The biggest advantage of flash support is not only you can watch Youtube videos but can also stream or play other videos from different video sharing website like Vimeo, Metacafe or Dailymotion etc. Some website offers live streaming of content like Live TV or Radio which also worked with this tablet.

Speakers :

Unlike Xtab A10 this tablet has speakers located at front side and not from back. It has one 1 Watt high fidelity speaker. The main advantage of front facing speakers is, you get more volume output compare to back placed speakers. When you rest your tablet on plane surface you don’t feel reduction in voice or suppressed sound. I can’t say speaker volume is loud, but its average and enough to reach your ears. Tablet also has Built-in MIC.

The 3.5mm earphones provided with tablet is real cheap deal, they sound very average. I tried my other 3.5 mm Samsung mobile earphone with this tablet and they just rocked.

Build Quality :


Unlike any other budget tablet Xtab A10 Plus has great build quality. Tablet is very slim and light weight, It has reach Matte Finishing Black color which feels like premium product in hand.

Buttons : There are no capacitive buttons other than three physical button on the side of tablet which are Power On/Off, Home and Volume rocker button.


Ports :

I/O ports 1.  Micro 5 pin USB/ USB2.0 data transfer/ OTG ,

2.  Supports microSD card upto 32 GB,

3.  3.5mm stereo jack,

4.  DC 5volt power input,

5.  mini HDMI out


Battery :

The Xtab A10 Plus has 3.7 v/3000 mAh battery pack. I fully charged tab and watched two movies back to back, tablet lasted for 5 Hours 10 min after which it automatically turned off. 5 Hours playback playing HD videos is really good sign of good battery backup.

I observed standby time of this tablet approx 6 days after 100% battery charge which is really good for any budget tablet. There is nothing to complain about battery backup of this tablet, however while using the tablet and playing some HD games tablet is getting slightly warm after some time from back side, i think its normal.  I also checked battery temperature at that time but it was normal i.e 30°.

Rooting Xtab A10 Plus :

The tablet is already rooted so you don’t need to look up everywhere how to root tutorial. I installed and used some apps like DroidVPN which only works on rooted device.

Our Verdict :

The Xtab A10 Plus is state of the art budget tablet yet provides all features what so-called premium tablet offers. The build quality of  the tablet is superior and match to any premium tablet in 15k-20k price range. I wish if tablet has GPS then it will be great, anyway there is no competition for this tablet in current tablet market in this price range. There are almost no tablets available in market Rs.7990 which offers HD IPS screen with 1024*600 resolution at such low price.

How to buy Xtab A10 Plus ? 

You can buy Xtab A10 Plus online from official website at Rs.7,990 + Rs.200 shipping charges.

Discount coupon for Xtab A10 Plus for our readers :

TeleTechnology.in readers can avail discount of Rs.300 if they directly deposit Rs.7790  to company bank account with our reference, that means effective price of tablet comes at Rs.7790  only.