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Ubislate 7+ Tablet deliveries Started UbiSlate 7C to start soon

Datawind started deliveries of most awaited Ubislate 7+ tablet. Datawind currently delivering thousands of tablet every day and promised to end the backlog by the end of this month.

There is also price hike of Ubislate 7+ tablet now it will be available at Rs.3,499 which was priced at Rs.2,999 before price change. Datawind also announced to start delivery of Ubislate 7C tablet which has capacitive display and priced at Rs.4,299. Those who have already booked Ubislate 7+ tablet can upgrade to the UbiSlate 7C model prior to delivery.

On official website Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO of Datawind said,

I’m pleased to report that deliveries have started !  

Although thousands of units are being delivered daily, the demand and backlog is very significant.  Customers that have pre-paid are given priority.  The backlog of pre-paid customers will be caught-up by the end of this month. You may have noticed a price-change on the UbiSlate 7+ model, please note that this change does not apply to customers that have pre-paid for their units, they will still be delivered product for their original price.  

As you will see in the chart above, we will also soon start deliveries of the UbiSlate 7C model.  This is a multi-touch capacitive screen unit.  At an MRP of only Rs.4,299, it is a fraction of the cost of any other capactivie screen tablet computer in the market, and yet also offers smartphone functionality.  Don’t worry, even if you’ve ordered and pre-paid for the UbiSlate 7+ model, you will be sent an Email and given an opportunity to upgrade to the UbiSlate 7C model prior to delivery.