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Top 3 Cheapest Android Tablet : Alternatives Of Aakash Tablet

If you think Aakash is cheapest Android Tablet in world then you are right. But there are some Android Tablets out there in market which are almost cheap as Aakash Tablet.cheapest android tablet

In the last few months we have seen a plenty of cheap Android tablets,  including the cheapest tablet in world Aakash or ubislate 7. As Ubislate 7+  a.k.a Aaksh Tablet is still not available  and might not available for next couple of months, one can consider buying other cheap Android tablet available easily in market.  Other than Aakash Tablet there are Domo Slate N8 priced at Rs.4500,  DOMO Slate N9 priced at Rs. 6990 and DOMO Slate X3D priced at Rs.6990.

Here we explore some Cheapest Android Tablet available in Indian market in price range of Rs.4500 to Rs.9500.

If we compare any Tablet with Aakash Tablet in term of price, features and availability then there is only one Tablet out there in market called “Domo Slate N8″ priced as Rs.4500 only.  Surprisingly this one is also Indian made cheapest Android Tablet.

When comparing “Domo Slate N8″ Tablet to Upgraded Aakash Tablet (Ubislate 7+) we do not find any major difference on both tablet.  In term of price “Domo Slate N8″  priced at Rs.4500 whereas Ubislate 7+ priced at Rs.2999, that means only Rs.1500 more than Aakash Tablet (Ubislate 7+).

In terms of features and specifications both Tablet score equally.

Processor : “Domo Slate N8″ has 850 MHz Processor whereas Aakash (Ubislate 7+) comes with Cortex A8 – 700 Mhz processor.

Operating system: Upgraded Aakash has Android 2.3 os whereas  Domo Slate N8 having Android Froyo (2.2) OS.

Dispaly:  Both Domo Slate N8 and Aakash (Ubislate 7+) has resistive 7-inch TFT display.

Connectivity and network :  Both Tablet having Wi-Fi connectivity whereas Aaksh Tablet also has in built sim slot to use it as a phone and browse internet with 2G GPRS.   Domo Slate N8 do not have sim slot but external 3G USB modem supported.

Battery: upgraded Aakash (Ubislate 7+) now has better backup with 3200 mAh  battery,   Domo Slate N8 has 2400 mAh battery backup.

Top 3 Cheapest Android Tablet  comparison :

SpecificationsUbiSlate 7+ (Upgraded Aakash)Domo Slate N8DOMO Slate N9DOMO Slate X3D
PricingRs.2,999/-Rs.4,500/-Rs. 6990Rs. 8990
processorCortex A8 – 700 Mhz850 MHz Processor1GHZ ARM Cortex A8 Processor1GHz 'Cortex A9' Processor
Battery3200 mAh2400 mAh3600 mAH 3600 mAh
Display7-inch resistive display7-inch resistive display7-inch resistive display7-inch Capacitive Multitouch Screen
OSAndroid 2.3 GingerbreadAndroid Froyo (2.2)Android 2.3 GingerbreadAndroid 2.3 Gingerbread
ConnectivityWiFi & GPRS (SIM & Phone functionality)WiFi and External USB modemWiFi and External USB modemWiFi and External USB modem