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Inductive charging Future of wireless Mobile charging

wireless charging

You always wonder what is wireless mobile charging and how it works? How mobile can be charged without connecting any wire to it? Wireless Mobile charging is nothing but inductive charging. Electromagnetic energy created by small copper coil with high frequency generated by inductive charger and then absorbed by small copper inductive coil in deviceRead More…

Droid Bionic Vs. Galaxy S2 Vs. iPhone 5 Comparison


The strongest rivals of iPhone 5 are Droid Bionic and Galaxy S2 which already arrived into the market. We compared all three phones on the basis of their specifications below:  iPhone 5    Galaxy S2    Droid Bionic    Display   3.7-inch or 4-inch  (not yet confirmed)   480 x 800 pixels,4.3 inches   540 x 960 pixels,4.3 inches Read More…