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DOMO Slate N9 Price And Specifications


DOMO Slate N9 is the another cheapest Android Gingerbread WiFi tablet present in market which cost you Rs.6990. The DOMO N9 is slimmer, sleeker and its beautifully designed tablet which has unique look.DOMO N9 sports 7-inch LCD Backlit Glossy Widescreen, Resistive Multi Touchscreen Display. It is powered by powerful VC882 Embedded 1GHZ ARM Cortex A8Read More…

DOMO Slate X3D Tablet Price And Specification

DOMO Slate X3D

Indian Mumbai based DOMO Gadgets Pvt. Ltd has launched DOMO Slate X3D Tablet for gaming users.DOMO Slate X3D costs Rs.8990INR/- DOMO Slate X3D gaming tablet is powered by Cortex A9 1 GHz CPU which is a monster by tablet standards and 512MB RAM.The tablet sports 7-inch LCD Capacitive backlit glossy widescreen display. Its running onRead More…