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SAMSUNG Galaxy S II VS Iphone 4S

iphone 4s

Samsung started producing very good phone on Android platform, but so good that you can compare them with the production of apple. Well, we compare look at the best devices of the two companies: Samsung Galaxy S II and the iphone 4S.

As mentioned above, Galaxy S II on Android (the initial version 2.3, but can be upgraded), and on the iphone 4S iOS5 (not updated at the moment, since it is the last version). But on the ios no flash-player, which is why you can only watch youtube and some video and Galaxy s II has a flash player, so you can even play online games at all sites. Also, the screen size in Samsung longer (4.2 inches) than the iphone (3.5 inches). But the resolution is greater than iphone (640h960 pixels) than the opponent (480×800 pixels). Now consider the possibility of smart applications.

If you look at it for a good application in the Android-Market (representative of Android), and in the Appstore (representative of the apple) to pay, but on Android you can download pirated versions of these games from other sites, and on the Iphone 4S, on the either pay or flash, and if it is flash, the phone will put it mildly, “fail”, so choose or pay and play a normal game, or pay and play a normal game, but nervous because of the phone hangs. Also on the iphone every activity has to be done via computer, download music, movie, or something like that you can not live without a computer, and then only by one, through the one with which you synchronize your device. In general, each of these phones is good in its own way, depending on who, what uses it.if you want to watch online movies, listen to music, play a good game, not bothered in the firmware then of course go for  Galaxy S II.