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Datawind Ubislate 7+ Tablet Delayed again Now Available by July 2012

We hate to report again and again but Datawind once again delayed launch of Ubislate 7+ tablet and now it will be available by the end of July this year(may be).


Now its very common with Datawind to postpone launch of much awaited tablet by month or so every month. What’s more, Datawind also started to refund pre-booking amount of users who made payment for prioritized delivery of tablet and yet to receive their tablet. There is no single tablet delivery spotted of Datawind Ubislate7+ to any customer in past six months.

Somehow we managed to contact Datawind customer support (it’s like winning the lottery) they replied that tablet will be delivered by end of  July only, even if you have made any advance payment. Customer support also replied that any time customer can claim for refund and Datawind will initialize refund request which will be processed by 15 days, without any deduction in amount(Thank God).  Datawind’s refund strategy also reflect that they have no plans to launch the tablet in near future.

Last month Datawind CEO Suneet Singh Tuli announced Ubislate 7+ and Ubislate 7C tablet at event held in Delhi, however there is no  sign of availability or launch date in open market of  these tablets. Ubislate 7C is upgraded version of later Ubislate 7+ with only difference of Capacitive touch display.

Customers earlier made advance payment for tablet madly searching for delivery status of  Ubislate 7+ tablet, but Datawind just Simply don’t Care to put any delivery status check option on website. So if you are one of them do not waste your time checking delivery status of tablet and just move on to other tablet and make request for refund if you have made advance payment to Datawind.