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Beware: Fake Website Created for BSNL Tablet

Now days there is sudden rise in fake websites selling Android tablet at low-cost. After fake 40$ Angel Pad tablet now there is another fake website only created for attracting search traffic from Google by the name of BSNL Tablet. Website named bsnltablet.in is not only misleading users by the name of BSNL Tablet but also claiming that official tablet manufacturer pantel.in website server is down.

bsnltablet.in also claim that user can win free BSNL tablet if they like website on facebook or share it. It should be noted that bsnltablet.in is not anywhere related to BSNL tablet nor Pantel technologies. Site is just created to take advantage of  BSNL Penta tablet popularity by getting traffic from Google.

Nishant Mishra, marketing head, Pantel Technologies said,

“We have noticed that a fake website in the name of BSNL Tablet is misleading people by providing wrong information. The fake bsnltablet.in website is mentioning that booking cannot be processed currently as the server is down at www.pantel.in. We are planning to take strict action against the website operators,”

“The website is simply attracting traffic for revenue through advertisements in the name of BSNL. People should visit the official Pantel website for booking information,”  Mishra added.

If you want to buy BSNL Penta tablet visit official website Pantel.in