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Airtel Launches Number Locker – Keep Your Mobile Number Active For Just Rs.150

Airtel the leading mobile service provider today launches new service called Number Locker for Prepaid mobile subscribers. With Number Locker service Airtel subscribers can lock their mobile number for period of 6, 12 or 24 months.

number locker

Airtel Number Locker service is very useful for the customers who often go abroad for long period, or NRIs who want to preserve their favorite mobile number. So when customer came back from abroad after long period they can start using old mobile number. Currently customers required to recharge their number with Rs.200 every 6 months and should be active on network with incoming and outgoing calls within 3 month of period otherwise their number get deleted. This service is also useful for those customers who only use their mobile to receive incoming calls or for those who have prepaid VIP mobile number and want to retain that number when they travel abroad for long period.

Customer can keep their mobile number active for a period of 6 months by recharging with Rs 150. Similarly customer can recharge with Rs.300 and Rs.600 so they can retain their number for the period of 12 months and 24 months respectively. It should be noted that outgoing and incoming calls facility will be active during this time.

Airtel already providing the same service called Safe Custody for postpaid subscribers.