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Aakash Tablet Launch Delayed: Now Available By January 2012

aakash tablet

 The much awaited cheapest indian  tablet in the world “Aakash Tablet”  a.k.a Ubislate 7 official launch has  been delayed by month or so. Now  commercial version of Aakash  Tablet named Ubislate 7 or Aakash  2 will be available by December end or 1st week of January 2012.

Earlier Datawind Ubislate official Suneet Singh Tuli said commercial product will be available to all at the end of November this year but because of up gradation of tablet and some problems in manufacturing, launch has been delayed by 1 month.

TeleTechnology also contacted Ubislate contact person on same issue they told us that Aakash 2 or Ubislate 7 will be released by December end this year only. We already updated our users that launch has been delayed by 1 month and now it is confirmed by officials too.

Commercial version of Aakash Tablet is now upgraded with Cortex A8-700 MHz processor which was earlier 366 MHz processor. No changes in Touch Screen it is resistive only. However commercial version of Aakash now has only one standard USB port which was two before. Also there is no any changes in connectivity features that means commercial version also has only Wi-fi And GPRS connectivity there is no 3G connectivity option, but still you can use any 3G USB modem with USB port option.